Tomake Chai: Dialogues & Quotes that will create love on your heart | Bonny, Koushani

Tomake Chai Dialogues and Quotes from trailer and its songs that will surely create love on your heart. Tomake Chai is a film directed by Rajiv Kumar Biswas starring Bonny Sengupta and Koushani Mukherjee. She previously directed Dev and Nusrat Jahan starrer Love Express which was remake of the 2013 Telugu movie Venkatadri Express. This one looks very promising.

Bonny Sengupta Quotes Ek Sathe Thakte Cheyechilam:

Tomake Chai: Dialogues & Quotes

Ek Sathe Thakte Cheyechilam

“Kicchu chai ni, sudhu ek sahtey ektu bachte cheyechilam, ek sathe thakte cheyechilam” - Bonny Sengupta.

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Bonny Sengupta: Valobashi Amra Dujon Dujonke!

Ek Sathe Thakte Cheyechilam

Valobashi amra dujon dujonke
Kintu ekdin to shob furiye jaabe
Sudhu theke jaabe kichu muhurto
Aar bhalobasha

Koushani Mukherjee: Jara Bhalobashe, Tara Omor Hoy!

Jara Bhalobashe, Tara Omor Hoy

Jara bhalobashe, tara omor hoy
Bristhir moton baare baare fire ashe