Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016) - Movie Zee Bangla Cinema

Dum Dum Digha Digha - Zee Bangla Cinema
Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016) Bengali Movie Zee Bangla Cinema:
Rater otithi Zee Bangla film directed by Premendu Bikash Chaki and features by Sourav Das and Anindita Bose. The movie album is composed by Ratul Shankar. The background score is by Savvy Gupta while lyrics are penned by Premendu.

Synopsis of Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016) Bangla Movie

"Dum Dum Digha Digha", the hilarious sequel of one of the most popular Zee Bangla Cinema Originals, GutiMallar. After eight months of their marriage, Guti and Mallar are now in a mood to go for a honeymoon from Dum Dum to Digha. While they are enthralled by the thought of blue skies, sands and beaches Bhatkai, with his criminal mind, finds this as an opportunity to take revenge upon his earlier insults by Guti and hires a local goon, Gharanchi Bogol to kill Guti and Mallar while they are in Digha. Trouble begins when the family members follow Guti and Mallar secretly to their honeymoon. The honeymoon turns into a series of hilarious events as Guti and Mallar juggle between Ghoranchi Bogol’s comedy of errors and their irritating and interfering family members. Be a part of this exciting and fun filled journey with ‘Dum Dum Digha Digha’ only on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.

Movie: Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016)
Director: Premendu Bikash Chaki
Producer(s): Zee Bangla Cinema
DOP - Premendu Bikash Chaki
Editor - Anindya Chattopadhyay
Story Writter: Padmanabha Dasgupta
Script and Dialogue: Padmanabha Dasgupta
Music: Savvy
Lyricist(s): N/A
Starring: Anindita Bose, Sourav Das, Bodhisatto Majumdar, Rita Koiral, Biplab Chatterjee, Anamika Saha, Bihu Mukherjee, Debranjan Nag and Jazz Sarkar
Release on: 27 November, 2016
Language: Bengali
Movie Trailer: Watch on Youtube

Dum Dum Digha Digha Lyrics and videos can be seen through below songs list.

Dum Dum Digha Digha - Songs Lyrics & Videos

  1. Mon O Re Amar Mon - Zee Bangla Cinema

Official trailer of Zee Bangla Movie Dum Dum Digha Digha

Zee Bangla Cinema Originals' thirty-fourth presentation 'Dum Dum Digha Digha' is all set to release on 27th November, Sunday, 6pm. Here is the official trailer.

Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016) - Movie Zee Bangla Cinema Dum Dum Digha Digha (2016) - Movie Zee Bangla Cinema Reviewed by Rahatul Islam on November 20, 2016 Rating: 5
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